Escape Room

“The tomb. . . ”

Did construction workers actually discover Dracula’s crypt? Solve the secret as a team of paranormal experts. Head into the vault, equipped with walkie talkies and flashlights – and time is on your back, because every child knows that with the darkness vampires awaken!

Can you open the coffin of Vlad Tempes, better known as Draculea or Dracula and solve the last riddle of the legendary vampire? 5 puzzles and 6 locks are to be cracked with the help of a Transylvanian notebook, until in an hour darkness falls over you. . .

Book now and be the first to present the world with the solution to the last mystery of Dracula!

Suitable for expert teams of 4-8 people

Price per person € 10. 00 for house guests and € 15. 00 for outside guests.

Here is the access to the crypt:

03941/575 8