Our performance laboratory for your training camp

Our performance laboratory in the K6 Sporthotel in the beautiful Harz offers you an impressive variety of training options to take your next training camp to the next level:

In the stadium, your football training camp team can demonstrate their sporting skills on the pitch and enjoy optimal conditions for tactical exercises and match practice.

Our multifunctional sports hall offers flexible training options for various sports. Regardless of whether it's basketball, volleyball or handball – here your team will find the perfect space for intensive training and competition preparation.

First-class running routes around our sports hotel are available for all runners and endurance athletes. Enjoy the fresh air and picturesque surroundings as you continually improve your fitness and speed.

For all swimming professionals, the Sealand swimming pool is located right next to the K6. The sports pool enables targeted swimming training, while the recovery pool and sauna ensure regeneration and relaxation after a strenuous day of training at the training camp.

Our multifunctional arena offers a versatile training environment for different sports. Whether for team games or coordination exercises, you will find the optimal location for your training here.

In the tennis hall you can perfect your tennis game and prove yourself on the court. No matter whether you are an experienced player or a beginner, you will find optimal conditions for your tennis training here.

For all climbing enthusiasts, we have a bouldering hall where you can improve your skills, strength and climbing technique. Challenge yourself and experience a unique training experience.

Our modern fitness studio is equipped with high-quality equipment and offers everything you need for effective strength and endurance training. Qualified trainer Anton will be happy to assist you with helpful tips and tricks.

The yoga room invites you to regenerating and stress-relieving yoga sessions. Here your team can simply unwind and relax.

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