Our think tank: tactical rooms, meeting rooms and more!

In our think tanks at the K6 Sporthotel you have the opportunity to increase your team's top performance and create optimal conditions for strategic meetings. With a total of 27 modern tactics rooms, you can hold individual individual or team meetings without worry

We offer special trainer offices for trainers and supervisors during the training camp. Here you can step back, conduct tactical analysis and focus on coaching to get the best out of your team.

Our meeting rooms also offer the ideal backdrop for hosting large events in collaboration with sponsors. With a meeting room for up to 250 people, you can host impressive events while bringing in sponsors to support your team.

No matter whether it's tactical meetings, team analyzes or collaboration with sponsors, our think tank at the K6 Sporthotel ensures that you create the best possible conditions for your top performance. Use our modern tactical rooms, trainer offices and the opportunity to organize major events to achieve your sporting goals and lead your team to success.

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